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Social Media Training & Speaking


Social Selling: The Training Seminar for Businesses and Professionals

Is your sales team using social media to make their job easier? Ask yourself these questions about your sales program and the social media training of your sales professionals:

  • Does your corporate social media strategy only focus only on the corporate pages?
  • Does your current social media page provide actual sales leads?
  • Is social media being used effectively for daily lead generation?

If you answered NO to any of the questions above, then call us to find out more about our social selling program. We can help your company get so much more out of social media! 

With all three parts of our social selling seminar, your staff and company will be equipped to sell more, using the free social media tools that they already have!

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Use the Power of Social Media to Help Your Sales Team!

We want to help your company get more out of sales, and gain more sales leads through our social selling program. That is what our social selling program teaches: how to leverage social media to work for your sales team, through SOCIAL SELLING!

What is Social Selling?  Social Selling is how a company uses social media to engage the public and offer their products and services. In our seminars, we teach your company and staff how to use the power of social media and incorporate it into a working sales lead generator! If your company has not been generating leads from its current social media campaign, or if their social media strategy isn’t working (or doesn’t exist!) then our Social Selling Program can show you how to use it as a sales generator!

Why Do Businesses Need Social Selling?  Businesses have been missing the point by only using their corporate social media to post information on. We teach your company and sales staff how to use social media more effectively. We show your staff how to use social media to generate interests, educate your audience, gain leads, and to close more sales…all through social media!



What Is Included in the Social Selling Training Session?  Our training session has three parts: a professional photo session, the sales training seminar, and the LinkedIn profile rewrites. This is a customized program that is created to meet the needs of each business, and is structured around what your company sells and its best practices. 
Here is what we offer with our social selling program:

Social Media Sales Training Session:  Your customized social media training session includes all the information that your sales staff will need to begin using social media to sell! We teach your staff how to leverage social media to work for them! The social selling training portion shows them what to post, how to post, and how to gain leads. It covers essential social media training, and shows them common mistakes that people make.

We equip your staff to be social selling professionals by the end of the seminar! We show them how to use it in a practical way, and give them directions on how to post. We share best times and best days to post, and how to find content! We cover what the best practices are for social selling, and then do group break-out sessions to incorporate your products and services in the training. Each session focuses on your brands, your services and your company purpose.

We incorporate your company goals into our seminar to offer the most thorough social selling program. At the end of the training, your sales staff will be trained on how to post, what to post, when to post, where to find leads, and how to close them!

Social Media Page Reviews & Professional Rewrites:  We go a step further in our social media training seminars. We actually read and review each participant’s social media pages! After reviewing their social media, we make suggested rewrites. We create a professional page (with the focus on sales and service) that incorporates your company goals. We edit out the page errors, create better branding and fix their online reputation.

Our goal is to offer the best impression of your business through professional edits and suggested rewrites of the employee pages. We know that a company brand is reflected by its staff, and we check this for accuracy. We make suggested edits, based on their position in the company.

A Professional Headshot to use with your social media:  At the training session, we bring our professional photographer to your business! We provide and set up all the camera equipment and lighting, and proceed to do a professional photo shoot for your employees, sales managers and staff.

After the photos are taken, we do professional photo editing. Professional edits are included in the package. Once the photo is edited, lighting is perfected, and photo edits are complete, we email this photo to you and your staff. At the end of the session, your staff has a professional photo that they can use on all their social media pages.